This call for proposals provides for two rounds of applications with the following deadlines: 16 May 2023 (first round) and 28 September 2023 (second round).

Applicants may submit one proposal in each of the two rounds but may only receive one grant under this call for proposals.

The objectives of the actions financed under this call are:

To grow awareness among European citizens from as diverse public as possible about the role and democratic values of the EU, provide understanding of the benefits that the EP provides, how EP affects our daily lives and why it is therefore important to vote by participating in the forthcoming EE24, also in the context of the community (delivering democratic engagement). To support increased non-partisan civic engagement of European citizens and organisations from as diverse groups as possible while promoting the idea of the importance of voting, thus encouraging active involvement (also as change-makers), with focus on mobilising voters in the run up to European Election Day(s), also in the context of the community.

Action proposals to receive financial support under this call must be submitted in one of the following two action categories:

Civil society engagement actions (cf. point 2.2.1 of the Call). Engagement actions by change-makers (cf. point 2.2.2 of the Call).

The expected results of the actions financed under this call are:

Build capacity and strategically engage with other civil society organisations (at national or local level) and active citizens (potential and existing change-makers) to support and facilitate their engagement activities and provide them with information and tools to effectively spread the message in favour of democratic participation (through community) in light of the forthcoming EE24. Raise awareness of citizens about the benefits brought by European parliamentary democracy, the powers the EP has to affect our daily lives, and why it is therefore important to vote in the EE24. Actions should inform the citizens on why and how to participate in EE24, to advance civic education and to build an informed and engaged electorate (also through community). Empower organisations and active citizens (change-makers) to increase participation in voting by mobilising their networks and communities further (through, as well as support and facilitate their initiatives. Support civil society organisations, change-makers and their networks and communities in the final voting phase (few days prior to EE24 and on the European Election Day(s)[1]).

Overall, all actions should and are expected to increase the number of citizens and organisations registering[2] to and encourage their active participation in the community.

[1] Election day(s) are a key moment in communicating European Elections. The ‘days’ aspect refers to the fact that citizens go to the ballot which represents a final opportunity to vote.
[2] « Sign up » stands for the process of first time registration, which means to create a new account on the platform.